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Thank You and Congratulations, Erika North!

By November 29, 2017Connections, IHCA
Erika North IHCA Senior Community Manager
Erika North IHCA Senior Community Manager Issaquah Highlands

Photos by Shubha Tirumale

As seen in the December 2017 issue of Connections

Please join me in saying a BIG thank you to IHCA’s Senior Community Manager Erika North! As of December 3rd, Erika has dedicated herself to the governance of Issaquah Highlands for 10 years!  Thank you Erika for your invaluable contributions to the Issaquah Highlands Community over the past decade!

A few notes of thank to you from friends:

Erika is a ray of sunshine in the morning. Always greets me with a smile as she first walks in the office. She has a vast amount of knowledge about our community and she is always willing to help when she is asked.  If I don’t know the answer to something rest assured Erika can probably help me out. I really have enjoyed working with her for the last ten years. Congrats Erika!!

Barbara Uribe, IHCA accountant


She is calm under difficult situations.

Great deal of knowledge, not just the industry, but 10 years with IHCA.

Willingness to share her knowledge.

Hard worker and loyal.


Joon S. Chang, IHCA CPA


Erika:You are the most positive person I have ever met and your willingness to help individuals and show compassion are without compromise. What a treasure you are to the IHCA team, thank you for all your years of teamwork!

Sarah Hoey , Executive Director IHCA


Over the past ten years the community has had the privilege of having Erika as an intricate part of community management.  Over the past several years of knowing her I have been able to see how she cares for the community. She takes great pride from making sure the reserve studies are as accurate as possible; this insures the dues are as accurate as possible. Her process and due diligence has helped make a plan not just for today but for the future. She has helped make and maintain Issaquah Highlands to the current standards that it is today and help homeowners be able to improve on their individual properties.  We are thankful for her commitment and service for the last 10 years.

Matthew Hendrikse, Maintenance Supervisor, IHCA


I have known Erika for eight of those ten years, and she has always been an absolute joy to work with and makes for a great co-worker and friend. Over the years I have found Erika really cares about the community and has its best interest in mind. Erika is always willing to go the extra mile to help with task be it either in the office or in the field. Erika has been an integral part of this community and it would not be quite the same without her. Thank you Miss Erika…

Lyle Dickey, Landscape Manager, IHCA


As President of the Board of Directors of the IHCA and on its behalf, I want to thank Ericka for 10 years of exceptional service. Her knowledge and commitment to our residents is endless. From knowing what makes each of our neighborhoods unique, to how to explain the ARC process, to her invaluable assistance to orienting our new employees and residents she is the go to person.

Jim D. Young, President, Board of Directors, IHCA


As far back as I can recall, Erika has been on the scene, taking care of IHCA business in a warm, friendly and efficient manner.  She has always been on the top of her game, even when she had other things on her mind.  I have very much enjoyed working with Erika.  Thanks for all you do Ericka- you’ve done your part to make Issaquah Highlands a great place to live.      

Larry Norton, President, Highlands Council


I’ve been a member of the architectural review committee for the past six and a half years and been a resident of the Issaquah Highlands for almost 11 years. Resident volunteer driven committees such as the ARC require greatly on our IHCA liaison to facilitate, organize and keep our meetings running smoothly. Erika has been our IHCA liaison for as long as I have been a member and a critical component to ensuring our meetings are efficient, effective and informed. Her professionalism and organization have been a tremendous asset to the group and we are lucky to have her.

Ben Rush, Member IHCA, Architectural Review Committee (ARC)