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Tree Removal Protocol in Issaquah Highlands

By August 14, 2017Front Page

A message from the IHCA regarding the recent tree removal on Marquette Way

Dear Issaquah Highland’s Homeowners:

Last Friday the IHCA landscaping crew removed some mature trees within the neighborhood.  The streetscape and trees throughout much of the community are fee simple property tracts deeded to the IHCA master and maintained by IHCA. The IHCA periodically needs to remove trees due to disease, root rot, root damage to irrigation systems and/or sidewalks. It is the IHCA policy that affected neighbors be notified when this work is deemed necessary in advance of any action taking place.  Friday’s work was not planned or approved by me during my vacation absence, however, I take full responsibility for the lack of communication surrounding the removal of these trees and offer my apologies for this oversight. It was never our intention to just remove the trees and not replace them. I have since met with the staff and any future tree removal must follow a strict protocol which involves proper notice to homeowners.  In the next 48 hours we will be grinding out the stumps and preparing the soil for the new trees. New trees have been ordered and will be planted as soon as they are delivered.

I have received numerous phone calls, emails and social media feedback.  I, or an IHCA management team member, will contact you shortly to discuss your concerns.


Sarah Hoey, Executive Director IHCA